Sometimes it is easy to get lost in the beauty of a community, but in doing so we forget to be thankful for and take care of those that individually contribute to its charm. Orcas Island is praised for “magical scenery, community, and cuisine that make you feel like Oprah,” in articles such as “Why Washington’s Orcas Island Should Be Your Next Family Getaway,” and “This Island in Washington State Will Make You Feel Like a Multimillionaire.” While this may entice visitors, there is still a blend of culture and race that resides on the island and are working to maintain their home.

Kevin Carter, Principal Strategist for The Winters Group Inc., a global diversity and inclusion consulting firm, is an African American resident on Orcas Island, and his concern is the culture of inclusion and care of the full-time community. Kevin seeks to elevate his community’s values—and its joy—by initiating a conversation about empathy, relationship, and kinship. More specifically, he hopes to soon hold a free Orcas Island Diversity, Equity & Inclusion workshop that will offer the space and commitment to bringing together and uplifting members of the community. Kevin shares his aspirations for a Black History Month talk and the future workshop by saying,

“I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to facilitate several cultural competence and unconscious bias experiential learning opportunities for communities across the United States. My vision is to replicate that education here in San Juan County so that we enhance our ability to attract the diversity of residents, and ensure they feel appreciated and welcomed.”

Local news outlets in Orcas Island have already begun to share the efforts of Kevin Carter and his colleagues Greg Kramer and Jari Andrea Brenner. The published article in Orcas Issues shares more background and a few cultural incidences that have occurred in the community.

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To read more about the action being taken by Kevin Carter, check out the full Orcas Issue article here.

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