Learning and Education

Build confidence and credibility with developmental learning experiences

Learning and Education

Build confidence and credibility with developmental learning experiences

Skill and knowledge that is research-grounded, field-tested, and steeped in lived experiences

Our Learning Philosophy:

Developing the mindset and skillset to create and sustain inclusive environments requires an ongoing developmental process that includes learning about yourself, understanding those who identify differently from you, and building the capacity to effectively bridge those differences for equitable and just organizational outcomes. We believe that these goals cannot be achieved in one session of a few hours. When you partner with The Winters Group you will go on a developmental educational journey grounded in adult learning theory and a holistic conceptual framework that includes: 

Two Asian women talking at work, one with her hand on the other's shoulder
Portrait of a young white man wearing lipstick

What mindset must I have to actualize equity and justice? Where is my heart? What is my capacity for empathy and compassion? How do I foster a culture of well-being for myself and others? 

Black people talking in a group circle

What skills, abilities, and competencies do I need to develop, practice, and reinforce?

Two female coworkers talking. One is a white woman with tattoos, and one is a Black woman with an afro, holding a tablet.

What behaviors, actions, and habits do I need to practice, reflect on, and refine?

Black woman with shaved head giving a presentation

How can I have my desired impact on organizational culture to promote and sustain equity and justice? What are the measures?

Customized learning experiences

The Winters Group has been designing meaningful and impactful learning experiences both virtually and in-person for nearly 40 years. Here is what our clients are saying:

  • “One of the best facilitated remote sessions I’ve attended. Great facilitator. Authentic.”
  • “It was a great mix of emotional, informative, and interactive. The time flew by!”
  • “Very engaging. [The facilitator] created a safe supportive space to share thoughts and feelings.”
  • “The speakers were engaging and the videos and examples were enlightening.” 

Experience the difference of customized and tailored learning journeys designed to make connections, inspire conversations, and facilitate change. Every Winters Group learning program is designed specifically for you – we don’t do anything “off the shelf.” Our repertoire of topics includes diversity, equity, inclusion, justice, cultural competence, dimensions of identity (i.e., Generations, Gender, LGBTQIA+, Religion, Organizational Health) and more. Below are some of our most popular signature programs. Click the plus sign to expand the description. 

Inclusion Starts with I and Happens with Us

A multi-part series that grounds participants in the fundamentals of DEI as they begin learning how to increase inclusion, belongingness, and equity by improving workplace culture and communication. This series focuses on a deep exploration of self, others, and one’s own role in a polarized society, as well as how to effectively bridge cultural differences.

The Inclusive HR Leader – From Gatekeeper to Gateway

HR practitioners have a critical role to play in actualizing equity in the organization and are in the unique position to lead a fundamental paradigm shift in their organizations through adapting old, and adopting new, policies and practices. This multi-part series is specifically tailored to those Human Resource business partners who want to effectively change inequitable systems and practices by relearning the role of HR and challenging the status quo.

The Inclusive Leader

This multi-part learning experience for people leaders focuses on building the mindset, skillset and heartset to become equitable justice-centered leaders. To effectively plan and lead equity-centered organizational changes, participants will find their individual and organizational “why,” align, and vision-set as a leadership team, and develop a plan for implementing change and managing resistance.

The emPOWERment Institute™

The emPOWERment Institute™ is a leadership development program for early to mid-career BIPOC employees who aspire to leadership roles and want to grow the skillset, mindset, and heartset to lead diverse teams with courage while prioritizing self-actualization. Upon completion, learners will have developed a sustainable action plan for embedding transformational leadership into their daily work with accountability established for prioritizing self-care, including mental well-being and healthy boundaries.

Engaging in Bold, Inclusive Conversations® Facilitator Certification

The Engaging in Bold, Inclusive Conversations® Facilitator Certification 1.0 is a 3-day experience that certifies and licenses participants to deliver our content on how to have meaningful conversations across differences. Typical attendees include in-house facilitators, internal DEI and L&D practitioners, external consultants who want to be able to support clients with DEI content, and anyone who wants to learn how to effectively start and engage in difficult conversations at work.

Racism in Health Care: A Strategic Approach to Harm Reduction

Health equity continues to be a major issue in our society. This multi-part experience provides health care leaders and other professionals with a strategic framework for actualizing equity to improve both the employee and patient experience. It explores the history of racism in health care, helps participants to uncover and address their biases and leave with new equity and justice-centered behaviors.  

Engaging in Bold, Inclusive Conversations®

This learning journey will explore why it is so difficult to have conversations around polarizing topics, highlight the benefits of developing this skill and introduce key skills for having inclusive conversations. This foundation can be followed up with optional “demographic-specific” sessions offered to equip learners with knowledge and inclusive language surrounding intersectional identities. 

RISE Together Racial Caucus Learning

BIPOC staff often feel burdened by the expectation of educating their white colleagues about their experiences. At the same time, white staff worry about “saying the wrong thing” in conversations about race. These are distinct experiences and needs that require distinct approaches to impactful learning. This race-based caucus journey begins with a joint kickoff experience to provide an overview of the objectives and purpose of caucusing. Next, learners will join their respective caucus cohorts for a series of learning modules honoring different experiences.

Racial Justice at Work

Inspired by The Winters Group team’s NEW book Racial Justice at Work: Practical Solutions for Systemic Change, this multi-part series unpacks the history of white supremacy and how race-based inequities continue to impede our goal of creating just and equitable work environments. It invites learners to consider within their own industries and organizational contexts: what would need to change in order for race to no longer be a predictor of outcome? Participants will leave with actions that they can apply to take collective responsibility for dismantling racism in the context of their workplaces and beyond.

The Physiology of Inclusion™

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice (DEIJ) is transformational, people-focused, and emotional work; as such, it is complex and often polarizing. ​The Physiology of Inclusion™ (POI) is a whole-body system to improve the physical, mental, and emotional health of DEI practitioners and leaders to enable them to lead inclusively while enhancing their well-being. 

Social Justice Institute

The work of diversity, equity, and inclusion is becoming increasingly difficult as social justice issues continue to be politicized. Practitioners in many organizations that have committed to equity and justice must deal with constant change and resistance to the work, all while continuing to advance organizational DEI strategies. This institute is designed to support practitioners in effectively advancing the work in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous) environment. This long-term learning journey will begin with foundational concepts and language needed to understand and drive justice work. Next, over several sessions, it will equip learners with skills for recognizing, managing, and disrupting resistance to this work. Finally, it will conclude with a capstone project through which learners gain hands-on experience bringing a justice lens to their everyday work and decision-making.


The Winters Group can also co-create with you customized learning experiences to meet your DEIJ goals and objectives. 


“The Winters Group’s reputation doesn’t disappoint. They are the top in this field for a reason and has proven success at creating culture change.”

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