Strategy Development and Implementation

Bring clarity, purpose, and tangible impact to your actions

Strategy Development

Bring clarity, purpose, and tangible impact to your actions

Making your desired state of equity and justice a reality 

Your people and data are telling a story. Are you listening?

 Justice-centered, evidence-based strategy begins and ends with people.  

Attract and retain diverse talent, improve overall performance, enhance customer satisfaction, mitigate legal and reputation risks, contribute to social responsibility, foster innovation and creativity, and meet stakeholder expectations with DEIJ-centered strategy development and implementation. 

Strategy development is formulating a plan to achieve this objective, while strategy implementation puts that plan into action. Our approach combines analysis, education, skill development, team building, and coaching to leverage research findings and recommendations. Empower your team to feel confident when we co-create an actionable, measurable, and sustainable strategy for transformational change that is fully integrated with your existing organizational goals and objectives

Create accountability metrics and actions that take your organization from its current state to its desired state.

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Creating Stakeholder Alignment

Create justice-centered metrics that are aligned with your organization’s key measures of success to create alignment, buy-in, accountability, and sustainability.

Anticipating and Addressing Resistance

Develop skills and strategies to anticipate, navigate, and overcome resistance while protecting your well-being and having the grace and space to work through the stages of human emotion associated with change.

Goal Development and Planning

Establish strategies, goals, and actions aligned and integrated with your organization’s success measures for employees, customers, suppliers, stakeholders, and the community. Keep your entire team focused, motivated, and on the same page.

Developing Accountability Measures

Clearly establish roles, responsibilities, and accountability for organizational outcomes – for leaders, managers, and staff while identifying and providing the support necessary to be successful.

Image reading: Equity Audit Components may include.
Team Building

The secret to inclusive, high-performing teams lies in leveraging diversity for innovation and better decision-making. This synergy only happens with intentional work to uncover differences that can hinder productivity, engagement, and innovation. Unlock the strengths and assets of your people so they can perform at their best.

Executive Coaching

Identify your innate leadership skills and uncover your obstruction spots to leverage DEIJ for organizational progress.

Supporting Internal and External Diversity and Equity Councils

Select, manage, and facilitate diversity and equity councils with confidence while focusing on metrics, accountability, and empowerment.

Ad-Hoc Consulting

Sometimes you need a little more support. Scale your team  as needed with additional consulting hours which provide highly-skilled and empathetic support to deliver on your strategy implementation commitments.


“Most other DEIJ consultants can help you create a strategy and that’s where it ends. The Winters Group is unique in that they have the capability to guide organizations on the ‘how to’ aspects of the work. After the strategy, they work with us on what’s next.”

DEI Leader
Global Energy Company

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