Virtual Learning Lab series


An Opportunity to Reflect, Reset, and

Re-Imagine Different

Thank you for joining our Re-Imaginaction Lab series!

On November 17, we hosted the final part of this series. You can access recordings and additional resources for all four parts of the series here.

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Earlier this year, The Winters Group began a series on The Inclusion Solution exploring what it means to operationalize justice. We recognize that this movement in time calls for moments to pause and process …and opportunities to re-imagine and act. As a justice, equity, diversity and inclusion firm we recognize how even we can be complicit in our current social order …and recognize the power we hold in fostering collective accountability with our clients and fellow practitioners.

Beginning in May, The Winters Group has been facilitating a series of Re-Imaginaction Labs: An Opportunity to Reflect, Reset, and Re-Imagine Different. These labs offer opportunities to process external events that impact our work and collectively ask questions like:


What are we noticing?


What do we need to see more of?


What isn’t working or needs to end?


Who are we harming in our work? Who is benefiting?


What actions can we take to be responsive to these things?


How can we continuously shift and redistribute power in different contexts?

These labs are NOT limited to corporate leaders and chief diversity officers. In our effort to center those most impacted, this space will be open to anyone, particularly Black and Brown people, committed to advancing the work of equity, justice and inclusion. We also invite powerbrokers, leaders with institutional power and social capital. This work is collective.

Re-Imaginaction labs are about accountability and radically re-imagining what it means to operationalize justice in the organizational context.

If you have the means, please consider contributing.

Your contribution supports our mission to center those who are most harmed by injustice and oppression; advance thought leadership that supports DEIJ; and partner with committed organizations to build equitable and just systems inside the workplace and beyond.

What are Virtual Learning Labs?

Our Virtual Learning Labs (VLLs) are a remote alternative to our in-class learning experiences. VLLs are live, facilitated sessions that allow learners to participate from any device. Our learning platform utilizes interactive technology to engage participants in polling, chat discussion, videos, breakout rooms, and skill-building, on topics that range from foundational to advanced. Participants leave each session with skills that can be applied immediately. Our VLLs are eligible for SHRM credits.

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