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Re-Imaginaction Labs: An Opportunity to Reflect, Reset, and Re-Imagine Different

Earlier this year, The Winters Group began a series on The Inclusion Solution exploring what it means to operationalize justice. We recognize that this movement in time calls for moments to pause and process …and opportunities to re-imagine and act. As a justice, equity, diversity and inclusion firm we recognize how even we can be complicit in our current social order …and recognize the power we hold in fostering collective accountability with our clients and fellow practitioners.

The Winters Group will begin facilitating a series of Re-Imaginaction Labs: An Opportunity to Reflect, Reset, and Re-Imagine Different. These labs will offer opportunities to process external events that impact our work and collectively ask questions like:

  • What are we noticing?
  • What do we need to see more of?
  • What isn’t working or needs to end?
  • Who are we harming in our work? Who is benefiting?
  • What actions can we take to be responsive to these things?
  • How can we continuously shift and redistribute power in different contexts?

These labs are NOT limited to corporate leaders and chief diversity officers. In our effort to center those most impacted, this space will be open to anyone, particularly Black and Brown people, committed to advancing the work of equity, justice and inclusion. We also invite powerbrokers, leaders with institutional power and social capital. This work is collective.

Part 1 of Re-Imaginaction

Key Questions Raised by Participants

Q: Any thoughts of prioritization on IDEJ? Where should an org start?

A: Starting with diversity and inclusion together is key – hiring for difference without ensuring people feel included typically results in high turnover for employees who have non-dominant group identities and do not feel included in the organization. The Winters Group also discourages approaches based in compliance or programmatic approaches only. Emphasizing the value of diverse identities, perspectives, and experiences on our teams, while also pushing to actively disrupt inequities, correct harm, and shift power is a good approach.


Q: How do you convince those in power to willingly relinquish that power?

A: We are bringing an “abundance” vs. scarcity lens to our work. Those of us raised in individualist cultures have oftentimes internalized the idea that there is a limited amount of power or resources to go around; an abundance mindset challenges this idea, and suggests that all of us benefit from liberty and justice for all. Here is an article that further explores scarcity vs. abundance mindsets.


Q: How to move toward Justice when still stuck in DEI? How do you manage resistance from leadership or middle management?

A: Oftentimes, data about different experiences in the organization across identity groups will help to convince leaders that problems do exist within the org and need to be addressed. A consultant can help gather quantitative and qualitative data about different outcomes across identity and can help to strategize for change. Additionally, think of prominent examples in the news of injustices coming to light in organizations; as these increasingly prevalent calls for accountability in leadership and organizations demonstrate, inclusive leadership and equity and justice lenses are critical skills for organizational leaders to develop to lead effectively in today’s world. We share with organizational leaders the ways that DEI work has developed over time from a compliance approach, to programmatic approaches, to human-resources or “business case” approaches, and now to active disruption as the way of the future. Leaders who do not work to cultivate these skills will increasingly be held accountable for the harm caused in their organizations.

Additional Resources to Continue Learning
Summary and Reflection

Access a summary and reflection of the Lab here.

Part 2 of Re-Imaginaction

Additional Resources to Continue Learning
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  • If I Ruled the World by Nas (song) (link)
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  • Operationalizing Justice: POWER to the People (link)
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Part 3 of Re-Imaginaction


Part 4 of Re-Imaginaction

Additional Resources to Continue Learning
  • The Power of Privilege TEDx talk by Tiffany Jana (video) (link)
  • Whiteness and Working Ourselves to Death (article) (link)
  • Operationalizing Justice: Justice in Procurement (article) (link)
  • The Sum of Us by Heather McGhee (book) (link)