It’s back-to-school season! This means that in the midst of a challenging socio-economic climate, young people everywhere are encountering new opportunities, faces, social situations, terminology, and cultural differences. Parents, caretakers, and teachers may be questioning how best to help children and youth make sense of and navigate these differences. The Winters Group believes that it’s never too early to start having Bold, Inclusive Conversations® with young people, who bring their own rich experiences and ideas to the table. In this 90-minute Virtual Learning Lab, we as parents, educators, and DEI practitioners will consider effective strategies for bringing age-appropriate learning around equity and inclusion to our homes, to the classroom, and beyond.

This Virtual Learning Lab will be held Tuesday, September 24, 2019, at 4 pm, allowing educators to join in on the conversation after school! It will be moderated by Leigh Morrison, Learning and Innovation Manager with The Winters Group. Our panelists will be Brittany Harris, VP of Learning and Innovation with The Winters Group, and Valda Valbrun, Principal Strategist, Education/K-12 Strategy, with The Winters Group. The Lab is now available for registration!

    Our Virtual Learning Labs (VLLs) are a remote alternative to our in-class learning experiences. VLLs are 60-90 minute live, facilitated sessions that allow learners to participate from any device. Our learning platform utilizes interactive technology to engage participants in polling, chat discussion, and skill-building, on topics that range from foundational to advanced. Participants leave each session with skills that can be applied immediately.

    Previous labs include: (recordings and key takeaways available for download)

    • Exploring Race & Trauma During the Age of #BlackLivesMatter (Download)
    • Affirming & Unpacking the #MeToo Movement (Download)
    • Speak Up, Speak Out: Leadership, Courage, and Activism (Download)
    • Healing the Divide: Navigating Political Tensions in the Workplace (Download)
    • Doing ‘The Work’: A Talk on Personal Agency and Corporate Activism (Download)

    Update: This Virtual Learning Lab was a success thanks to your participation, conversations, and questions! The discussion was so rich and offered strategies and resources for talking to children about difficult topics like race, politics, and other differences. We’ve since uploaded the key takeaways and recording to our site. Feel free to access those and share.