We are excited to share a new LinkedIn Learning Course with our own Mary-Frances Winters! We’ve developed a series of videos on Skills for Inclusive Conversations that can be used to complement and scale your organization’s diversity and inclusion education.

Organizations reap the benefits of diversity—when employees bring their whole, authentic selves to work. Diverse teams are more productive, innovative, and engaged. Authenticity at work includes sharing and speaking up about work and life experiences that may be different based on one’s identity. Developing the skills to conduct meaningful conversations on potentially polarizing topics such as race, religion, and gender is critical for human resources professionals, managers, and team leaders. Mary-Frances Winters offers a multistep process for building the skills necessary to engage in inclusive conversations. Find out how to conduct an exploratory self-assessment to better understand yourself and your team, learn tactics to go from polarization to common ground, and discover practical techniques for discussing difficult topics.

You can check out a preview of the course here! And don’t miss out on Mary-Frances’ other course, Cultivating Cultural Competence and Inclusion. If you’d like more information on how our team can support you on your journey, we’re always here to get the conversation started.