We are creating a mini series on our podcast, The Inclusion Solution LIVE, with the mission of having real, open conversations with people who have had a variety of experiences during COVID-19. On this series, titled “Everyday People. Everyday Stories. Everyday Lives During a Global Pandemic.” we will feature stories from small business owners, parents, healthcare professionals, educators, those living in isolation, those who have experienced racism or xenophobia, those who have lost a friend or family member to Coronavirus, or perhaps those who have lost their job. 

Your host Brittany J. Harris will be sharing conversation with a variety of people and experiences, including:

  • Sajdah Ali-George, living abroad in the British Virgin Islands during a global pandemic
  • Aisha Ghori Ozaki, a Muslim-American mom and partner celebrating Ramadan during a global pandemic
  • Ryan A. Bell, a father, educator, advocate, and son grieving the loss of his dad and being a co-parenting father during a global pandemic
  • Dr. Calvin Smith, III, a Black man and advocate working at COVID testing centers who positions racism and police brutality as a public health crisis
  • Julie Cassidy, a teacher and single mom transitioning from the classroom to a distance learning environment
  • Meaghan Shiffler, a teacher and newlywed navigating the U.S. immigration system with her wife during a global pandemic
  • Stephanie Harris, a mindset coach, wellness activist, mother, and wife of a COVID survivor using the power in her own story and creating her own narrative to positively impact the lives of others

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