We are so excited to announce Mary-Frances Winters’ new book Inclusive Conversations: Fostering Equity, Empathy and Belonging across Differences! This book will be released in July 2020 – mark your calendars! Read below for a deeper understanding of Mary-Frances’ newest book!

“To effectively engage in inclusive conversations, we must acknowledge and address the fear and fragility and learn how to forgive. This takes a lot of “pre-work” before we are ready to have real, meaningful transformative conversations about polarizing topics. It requires vulnerability, courage, humility, and trust. It requires the ability to accept critical feedback. It requires us to choose curiosity over judgment. These skills and attributes take time to develop and many of us are naïve about the commitment and may not willing to invest the time.

Inclusive Conversations explores the nature of inclusive and equitable conversations that are based on knowledge, understanding, and empathy to recognize and bridge across complex and sometimes nuanced differences. It is written both for those groups who historically have found themselves in dominant, power positions and those who have historically been marginalized and oppressed.”