A new decade brings challenges that demand new solutions to meet the diverse needs of changing markets, customers, and talent. With eyes on the future, leaders must be open to shifts in their approaches to addressing workplace issues and more—they must be willing to learn from those who bring different ideas, experiences and perspectives. In 2020, we’re Facing Forward at The Forum on Workplace Inclusion! We have five team members presenting a variety of sessions from 3-hour seminars to 90-minute workshops, which you can find below, and we will also have a booth with products from our Live Inclusively® Actualized store. We can’t wait to see everyone there!

  • Brittany J. Harris, our VP of Learning & Innovation, and Chevara Orrin, one of our Principal Strategists, will speak on Mapping the Intersection of D&I and Social Justice Work (more info here)
  • Brittany J. Harris and Leigh Morrison, one of our Managers of Learning and Innovation, will speak on Activating Empathy and Perspective – Talking for Enhanced Cross-Cultural Understanding (more info here)
  • Travis Jones, one of our Principal Strategists, will speak on Bad White People: Continuing the Conversation on Whiteness and Identity (more info here)
  • Mary-Frances Winters, our President and CEO, will speak on Bold, Inclusive Conversations®: Putting the Model Into Action, with Dwayne Haynes and Kalisha Roberts from Progressive Insurance (more info here)