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Join us for a live taping of The Inclusion Solution LIVE podcast where we will ask the question of ourselves: “What it would mean to reimagine a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) industry that centers humanity, justice, and dismantling systems of inequity and oppression in all forms.“ The event will take place on Wednesday, March 11, 2020, during a reception at The Forum on Workplace Inclusion’s® 32nd annual conference, and begin promptly at 6:30pm in The Marketplace of the Minneapolis Convention Center. All are welcome to attend the podcast event, even if you are not attending the conference, and are asked to RSVP by going to The Winters Group website, Media inquiries should be sent to the PR & Events Coordinator, Katelyn Peterson,


Season one of The Inclusion Solution Live podcast was officially kicked off last month with the release of three episodes surrounding the verity of Internalized Oppression. The season is still in full effect with 4 more episodes to come. The bonus episode to be recorded live, will reveal the possible innerworkings and effects of Decolonizing DEI.

Inasmuch as DEI work has evolved into a profession and “booming” industry, it is important to note that this work is rooted in the quest for civil rights and justice. A quest that is deeply personal—grounded in Black and Brown people’s desire and inherent right to be seen and honored as the full human beings that we are. Nonetheless, this work has evolved in ways that center profits and innovation (or ‘business case’) over humanity and justice. As practitioners, advocates, or the proverbial “ choir,” we must interrogate the ways in which we perpetuate and are complicit in the same systems and structures of oppression we seek to dismantle in this work.

The Winters Group, Inc. is a global diversity and inclusion consulting firm that facilitates change by creating dialogue and empowering others to dismantle inequities and inequalities. They are able to accomplish this task through their wide-range of services, but also their free resources. The Inclusion Solution blog was created to amplify the voices of The Winters Group’s employees and it quickly expanded into one that also highlights the voices of guest writers. The co-founder of a fellow diversity and inclusion consulting firm shares,

“I don’t know of any other D&I consulting group (past or present…) that takes time and resources to share so many resources, insights, and opportunities for dialogue. Glad to be working with you all.”

This year, The Winters Group has added another resource, The Inclusion Solution Live Podcast. Since its release, there has been an overwhelming amount of support and anticipation for more. One of the ways the announcement was shared was through a promotional pop-up on The Inclusion Solution website, which received an engagement of 7,397 clicks in two weeks. Many have also shared anticipation for the podcast across social media platforms stating that they are “Excited about this,” “Looking forward to this, it’s DEFINITELY needed,” and “This sounds amazing! Thank you for facilitating much needed reflection around this issue…”

The Forum on Workplace Inclusion®– or The Forum for short – expands mindsets, skill sets, and tool sets necessary for true workplace inclusion through their events and programs, media platform and flagship event – the annual conference. The Forum’s 32nd annual conference will be held at the Minneapolis Convention Center from March 10-12, 2020.

For more information on The Winters Group, click here. CONTACT: Katelyn Peterson, (410) 979-7344 or

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For more than three decades, The Winters Group, Inc. has supported organizations and leaders in developing and implementing innovative strategies while on their journeys to lead and live inclusively®. It is our mission to create transformative and sustainable solutions for individuals.