A Decade of DEI: How Far We’ve Come and What Lies Ahead

A new decade is upon us. Shifts in the talent landscape, challenging sociopolitical times, and an ever-evolving global workforce has significant implications for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) work. Growing research around psychological safety has created an imperative and urgency for organizations to develop skills for engaging in difficult conversations across differences. The entrance of Generation Z into the workforce has leaders challenged with creating workplace cultures that are foster inter-generational inclusion. Data that affirms the emotional tax and toll of exclusion and behaviors like code-switching and micro-aggressions are influencing the work around self-care and resiliency in many organizational DEI curriculum offerings.

During this interactive virtual learning lab, Mary-Frances Winters will discuss these and much more as we reflect on the trials, tribulations, and trends in the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion industry within the last decade, and what’s to come as we embark on 2020 and beyond!

Doing ‘The Work’: A Talk on Personal Agency and Corporate Activism During Turbulent Times

We get it: the news, current events, politics, and pervasive cultural and structural norms can be daunting, but what will you do about it?
This 90-minute Virtual Learning Lab explores the ways in which we can leverage our sphere of influence to effect change, influence systems and engage others in service of equity, justice, and inclusion. We hear from activists, leaders, and change agents who continue to leverage their power, influence, and personal agency to move their organizations and communities closer to equity and justice. Our goal is for participants in this lab to leave feeling even more empowered to identify how they can continue to do ‘the work’ and facilitate impact in their own way.
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