Our podcast is LIVE! You can listen to The Inclusion Solution LIVE on Anchor and Spotify. As it becomes available on other major podcast-listening platforms, you can find the link on The Inclusion Solution website and our Anchor page!

We are expanding The Inclusion Solution blog, starting with the series we wrote on Demystifying Internalized Oppression. Much of the current work in D&I spaces brings interpersonal or structural forms of oppression to light, but it’s less common for D&I professionals to address internalized oppression and biases. These biases can be painful to unpack, particularly if we are personally and professionally committed to equity and inclusion. However, the insights we may reveal in the process can change our lives and actions for the better.

Check out our first episode with Mary-Frances Winters on The Pain of Internalized Oppression. She unpacks messages from her childhood around race and color, as well as the role of practitioners in dismantling forms of assimilation and internal oppression. She even gives a teaser of her newest books to be released this year!

We’ve put a lot of hard work and thought into bringing these conversations to you all, so please let us know what you think!