EASTSOUND, Wash., FEBRUARY 25, 2020 — To support diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) leaders in restoring their health and being physically prepared for the challenges that come their way, My True Self is partnering with The Winters Group, Inc. to launch The Physiology of Inclusion™.

The Physiology of Inclusion™ is a whole-body system to improve physical, mental and emotional health so that DEI executives, practitioners, and advocates can lead inclusively. This system comprises the three foundational elements of eating, sleeping and exercising that precede the three enabling elements necessary for enacting inclusion, thinking, being and interacting.

“Executives, administrators, and managers face the difficult challenge of leading organizations and teams through economic uncertainty, increased competition, and growing division in society,” said Carter. “The Physiology of Inclusion™ is like Navy Seal Training for the DEI leader to prepare them physically, mentally and emotionally to succeed in these polarizing times.”

“We are excited to partner with My True Self on this very important program. Too often we hear about the emotional, mental and physical toll DEI can take on a person’s health and ability to stay in the fight,” said Mary-Frances Winters, President and Founder of The Winters Group, Inc. “We must do the work to prioritize our well-being if we’re truly going to be effective in shifting organizational cultures and influencing systems.”

Gigi Carter is founder of My True Self, PLLC, a socially conscious wellness coaching and consulting practice. My True Self helps individuals, families, businesses, and organizations establish goals and create customized action plans towards sustainable wellness. Carter is author of The Plant-Based Workplace and co-author of the children’s book The Spinach in My Teeth.

The Winters Group, Inc. is a global diversity and inclusion consulting firm. For over three decades, The Winters Group has supported leaders and organizations with developing transformative, sustainable solutions for equity and inclusion.

Contact: Gigi Carter (601) 201-5486 or gigi@mytrueself.com