Live Inclusively® Actualized Over the Years

Since its founding in 2018, Live Inclusively® Actualized has given $485,000 in grants to 49 nonprofits. Meet these recipients and the powerful work they are doing below.

When you donate to Live Inclusively® Actualized, your donation goes toward organizations like these.

*Donations for Live Inclusively® Actualized are hosted on our page with the Rochester Area Community Foundation. When donating, we ask that you make a note in the comments box that this donation is for our grantmaking program.

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2020: Year in Review

In 2020, The Winters Group award $50,000 to 11 non-profit organizations for our annual Live Inclusively® Actualized grant cycle! Five of the selected 2020 grant awardees were recipients from previous years. We are excited to support the incredible work these organizations are doing. Meet our recipients here!


Read our 2020 Live Inclusively® Actualized Annual Report to learn more about our work through LIA, including our volunteer efforts, pro bono services and our Live Inclusively® product line.

2019: Year in Review

In 2019, The Winters Group awarded nearly $50K in grants to 12 non-profit organizations that received the 2019 Live Inclusively® Actualized grants. Six of the selected 2019 grant awardees were recipients from the 2018 LIA Grant Cycle. We are excited to note that we have new program categories, such as financial literacy and food justice, along with new state representation in Colorado, Minnesota, Washington (state), Georgia, and Michigan.

Through LIA in 2019 we:

  • Awarded nearly $50K in grants
  • Volunteered 53 hours of community service
  • Discounted diversity, equity, and inclusion consulting services totaling over $175K
  • Donated 55 coats to various shelters and organizations across the country

To see the full impact LIA had in 2019, download our annual report.

2018: Year in Review

2018 was The Winters Group’s inaugural year for Live Inclusively® Actualized, and we fulfilled our mission in various ways. We work and live by the Marian Wright Edelman quote, “Service is the rent we pay for being. It is the very purpose of life, and not something you do in your spare time.” We hope this is evident in how we show up with our partners and in our communities.

In 2018, through LIA we:

  • Awarded nearly $75K in grants
  • Volunteered 40 hours of community service
  • Discounted diversity, equity & inclusion consulting services totaling over $150K
  • Donated over 300 items to shelters and organizations across the US

To see the full impact LIA had in 2018, download our annual report.

Make the Commitment to Live Inclusively®!

Make the Commitment to Live Inclusively®!

Commit to #LiveInclusively!

I commit to be intentional in living inclusively.

I commit to spending more time getting to know myself and understanding my culture. It is in understanding myself, that I am better positioned to understand others. I will acknowledge that I don’t know what I don’t know, but I will not use what is unconscious as an excuse.

I will be intentional in exposing myself to difference. If I don’t know, I will ask. If I am asked, I will assume positive intent. Most importantly, I will accept my responsibility in increasing my own knowledge and understanding.

I commit to speaking up and speaking out, even when I am not directly impacted, for there is no such thing as neutrality in the quest for equity, justice, and inclusion.

I will strive to accept, and not just tolerate; respect, even if I don’t agree; and be curious, not judgmental. I commit to pausing and listening. I will be empathetic to the experiences and perspectives of my “others”. I will use my privilege positively, and get comfortable with my own discomfort.

I commit to knowing, getting, and doing better than I did yesterday—keeping in mind my commitment to live inclusively is a journey, not a destination.

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