36 years ago Mary-Frances sat in her basement and started this work with the dream of a more inclusive and equitable world. Now, Mary-Frances and The Winters Group have helped hundreds of clients; been featured in magazines, blogs, and newspapers, like Forbes; received awards and recognition around the country; written multiple books; created a successful blog and podcast; hosted our own certification programs; donated hundreds of thousands to nonprofits and organizations; and more. It’s been 36 years of joy, gratitude, hope, frustration, surprise, change… But more importantly, it’s been 36 years of #thework. And we don’t plan on stopping until we live in a world that values, respect, and leverages our similarities and differences.

Thank you all for being part of our journey — whether as a client, friend, follower, or fellow practitioner. As Thamara Subramanian stated in our last blog post, this work matters, but don’t forget that YOU matter. You are the reason this work is happening, and we couldn’t be more proud to serve alongside you all. Happy 36th Birthday to us!