CHARLOTTE, N.C., Nov. 8, 2019— The Winters Group would like to congratulate the diversity, equity, and inclusion leaders that were announced as ‘diversity and inclusion trailblazers to get familiar with,’ alongside our CEO Mary-Frances Winters.

On November 2, 2019, Dr. Janice Gassam published an article titled “10 Diversity And Inclusion Trailblazers You Need To Get Familiar With.” She wrote the article to “highlight the changemakers of the industry who are moving the needle forward,” in a time when more and more organizations are beginning to understand the importance of fostering diverse and inclusive workplaces.

The article touches on Mary-Frances’ 35 years of experience and her most recent book “We Can’t Talk About That at Work: How to Talk About Race, Religion, Politics, and Other Polarizing Topics.” Since the release of this book, Mary-Frances has been traveling to organizations, conferences, and other events to share the model on Bold, Inclusive Conversations® through speaking and facilitator engagements. The Winters Group also has their own Engaging in Bold, Inclusive Conversations® Facilitator Certification Program that is held privately for organizations and offered publicly twice a year.

Dr. Gassam goes on to share a few of Mary-Frances’ accolades such as being noticed as a diversity pioneer by Profiles in Diversity Journal and receiving the Winds of Change award from the Forum on Workplace Inclusion.

Mary-Frances Winters has been featured before in Forbes’ June 2016 publication that honored some of the DC Metro area’s most powerful women.

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For more than three decades, The Winters Group, Inc. has supported organizations and leaders in developing and implementing innovative strategies while on their journeys to lead and live inclusively®. It is our mission to create transformative and sustainable solutions for individuals and organizations in support of their efforts to create more equitable and inclusive environments.