BEYOND EMPATHY: A Call For White Humility In Response to Black Rage and Resistance (Part I)

The Winters Group is hosting a series of labs to support organizations and leaders in understanding their role in closing the gap between diversity & inclusion rhetoric and practice during these uncertain times.

During this session and throughout this series, we will:

  • Emphasize the significance of language in how we understand rebellion and rage in response to injustice and our corporate response.
  • Provide historical context on the influence of civil unrest and rebellion in the quest for justice and civil rights.
  • Understand the history and the present-day role of white people in disrupting systems of exclusion.
  • Initiate a call to action for enacting white humility and institutional accountability in response to the Black rage and resistance we are experiencing today.
  • Share strategies for embedding equity and justice into systems and white anti-racism activism within our organizations and beyond.

Subsequent labs in this series will take a deeper dive into these concepts with a focus on the roles and needs of different identity groups (e.g. Black Employees & Leaders; Non-Black People of Color and White Allies; Executive Leadership). As this is a developmental series, lab participants from part one will be invited to attend the forthcoming labs in this series.

A Strategic Approach to Racial Justice and Equity.

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