We are so excited to share that Mary-Frances Winters is not just releasing one book this year… but TWO! Her next book, titled Black Fatigue, will be released September 2020. Read below for a deeper understanding of Mary-Frances’ newest book!

Black Fatigue highlights how the perpetuation of racist systems has led to Black and Brown fatigue. There is a collective sense of exhaustion from the immense intergenerational labor, both physical and emotional, in attempts for more than 400 years to dismantle racist, inequitable systems that oppress, marginalize, and violate human rights. In most every aspect of life—from socio-economics, to education, the workforce, criminal justice and very important health outcomes—Black and Brown people are faring worse than during the pre-civil rights era. It is paradoxical that with all of the attention over the last 50 years on social justice and diversity and inclusion that we have made little progress in actualizing the vision of an equitable society. The book illuminates the dire consequences to society as a whole if we do not change this trajectory and the collective action that we all — Black, Brown and white need to take.