We advise organizations to take a strategic approach to embedding racial justice and equity into the organization’s diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy. This involves a focus on Learning & Education, Internal Policies & Practices, and External Communications & Partnerships.

Our approach connects social justice principles to common organizational practices. While we recognize some social justice language may not be common in corporate environments, we believe these components are critical to a strategy that closes the gap between organizational rhetoric (“saying”) and practice (“doing”).

Note: Resistance is Real—allow us to support you.

In our experience, client partners find it difficult to gain buy-in for strategic DEI efforts among executive leaders. There are many reasons, backed up by years of research and critical analysis of organizational patterns, to explain this dynamic. Part of our role involves sharing the burden and risks of pushing leaders beyond their understanding of this work and holding them accountable to the values they espouse. We recommend our client partners leverage us as an additional voice and support when communicating and striving to gain buy-in for leaders. These executive engagement or buy-in meetings should be built into the engagement process.

To learn more about our Strategic Approach to Racial Justice and Equity, along with the social justice principles that are core to this approach, download here.