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There are two learning tracks:
  1. Diversity, Inclusion & Cultural Competence: Robust series of topics from introduction to diversity and inclusion, intercultural competence, and specific topics such as generations, unconscious bias, and various identity groups (e.g. African Americans/Blacks, Latinos/Hispanics, Asian Americans, Etc.).

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  1. Personal Effectiveness / Career Enrichment:  Various topics to enhance employees’ ability to thrive in an ever-changing work environment in the areas of mentoring, personal branding and leadership.

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Diversity, Inclusion & Cultural Competence Courses

Course Title Topics Covered
Cross-Cultural Competence Series
Cross-Cultural Competence – Part 1: How Culturally Competent Am I?
Definitions, Business case for cross-cultural competence, Assess your current level of cross-cultural competence and how it translates into goals and effectiveness in the workplace
Cross-Cultural Competence – Part 2: Who Am I?
Understanding one’s own culture and identity and how that differs from others, What are my values?
Cross-Cultural Competence – Part 3: Who Are They?
Global dimensions of culture, Cultural preferences including US sub-cultures and global cultures
Cross-Cultural Competence – Part 4: Bridging Across Differences
Explore different case situations and dilemmas and practice resolving the dilemmas using the DNA Model, From the Golden to the Platinum Rule
Unconscious Bias Series
Cracking the Code of Unconscious Bias – Part 1: What Is It? Foundational definitions, concepts and examples
Cracking the Code of Unconscious Bias – Part 2: Identifying My Own Biases Self-Assessment (Implicit Association Test), discussion of results and implications
Cracking the Code of Unconscious Bias – Part 3: How Does It Show Up In The Workplace? Organizational examples, micro-inequities
Cracking the Code of Unconscious Bias – Part 4: How Do We Manage It? Tips on managing your own unconscious biases, case studies, practical next steps
Generational Series
Demystifying Generational Differences in the Workplace – Part 1
Characteristics of different generations, Understanding your own generation, Workplace implications across generations
Demystifying Generational Differences in the Workplace – Part 2
Case situations and dilemmas to practice working and managing across multiple generations
Other D&I Courses
Diversity 101: An Introduction to Diversity and Inclusion
Definitions, Evolution of D&I, Business Case
Understanding Stereotype Threats
Definitions of stereotypes, Stereotype “threat” concept, Strategies to avoid “labeling” and being “labeled”
Race and Colorism: New Conversations
What is race and colorism, Why we don’t talk about race, The key workplace issues around race, Facts and figures, How to have effective dialogue around race
Emptying the Closet: Exploring LGBT Issues in the Workplace
Definitions, Myths and realities, Key workplace issues, How to be an ally
Gender Dynamics: Are Men And Women Really So Different?
State of gender equality globally, How men and women differ in the workplace, Strategies for effectively working across genders
Understanding Differences: The Growing Latino Workforce
Myths and realities, Changing demographics, Understanding key cultural differences
Understanding Differences: The Emerging Asian Workforce
Myths and realities, Changing demographics, Understanding key cultural differences
Understanding Differences: Black / African American Workforce
Myths and realities, Changing demographics, Understanding key cultural differences
Engaging and Including People with Disabilities in the Workplace
Key issues, How to ensure that this group is fully engaged

Personal Effectiveness / Career Enrichment Courses

Course Title Topics Covered
Networking, Mentoring, Sponsorship Series

Maximizing Mentoring Relationships – Part 1

Mentor defined, Mentoring models, How to get a mentor
Maximizing Mentoring Relationships – Part 2
How to develop effective mentor/mentee relationships, How do I know if I am a good mentor/mentee?
Making the Most of My Participation in an Employee Resource Group
What is a network group?, History of network groups, Benefits of ERG participation, 4C ERG Model
From Mentorship to Sponsorship
Am I ready for a sponsor?, What is the difference between a sponsor and mentor?, Am I “sponsorable”?

Secrets to Networking for Success

What is networking?, Why is it important to career development?, How gender may affect networking behaviors, How to enhance your networking skills
The Power of Negotiation Benefits of good negotiation skills, How gender may affect negotiation strategies, Negotiating tips and tools
Developing Your Personal Brand Series
What Is Your Personal Brand? – Part 1
What does it mean to have a personal brand?, Why is a personal brand important?, How do you develop a personal brand?
What Is Your Personal Brand? – Part 2
Conducting your personal SWOT analysis, Developing your tag line, Promoting your brand
Am I Sabotaging My Own Career?
What are career derailers?, How can you identify what you might be doing to curtail your own advancement?
Leadership Series
21st Century Leadership Skills
Why you need to be a “leader” even if you don’t have the title, What are key leadership competencies that you should embrace?, Practicing your leadership skills
Futurize Your Skills
What skills do you need to be successful in the ever-changing work world?, Do you have those skills?, How do you get them?
Emotional Intelligence
What is emotional intelligence?, Why is it more important than your technical knowledge?, Learning how to be more emotionally intelligent
Ethical Leadership
What is ethical leadership?, How to resolve ethical dilemmas