Diversity & Inclusion Strategy Development


The Winters Group has worked with numerous clients in support of the design and implementation of business case supported diversity and inclusion strategies.

There is a great deal of attention being paid by organizations to understanding the changing global workforce. Many related dynamics such as changing demographics, technological advances, and globalization make it imperative for forward-thinking companies to embrace the concepts of diversity and inclusion.

The Winters Group defines diversity as the differences and similarities in people, functions and processes. Inclusion is the ability to leverage the myriad of differences towards high-performing organizations. Diversity naturally exists in every organization but inclusion is only achieved when the culture is open to change, willing to adapt to difference and embarks on a journey to become more cross culturally competent.

We believe in integrating inclusion concepts into all business processes. Inclusion should not be viewed as something that the organization does in addition to the business; diversity is core and central to the business.

Our approach is to move beyond awareness and sensitivity to developing cross-cultural competence at both the individual and organizational levels. Just like any other business skill, the ability to navigate effectively in diverse settings must be learned.

The Winters Group strategy development model is based on our three year diversity and inclusion roadmap pictured below.


The Winters Group Diversity and Inclusion Strategy Roadmap™

Three Year Road Map