Michael Carter | Vice President of Strategic Partnerships

Michael D. Carter is Vice President of Strategic Partnerships for The Winters Group. His main responsibility is to partner with organizations to help them define their initial goals and desired outcomes and to develop proposals that match the organization’s needs with the vast diversity and inclusion knowledge and resources of The Winters Group.

Michael has been involved in diversity and inclusion work for the past 30 years.  Prior to joining The Winters Group, Michael founded Cultural Competence Edge Inc., whose mission is to provide cultural competence training to midsize companies.  He has also served on many corporate diversity steering committees and employee affinity groups.  In April 2016, he received the President’s Circle Award for his contributions to the 3M Company’s African American Network.

Prior to creating Cultural Competence Edge Inc., Michael spent 25 years with the 3M Company.  He began his career as a marketing manager in one of 3M consumer products divisions.  After 20 years as a sales and marketing professional, Michael was recruited by 3M’s leadership training department.  There he headed the 3M industrial business diversity efforts.  As head of diversity, Michael led a large initiative to train hundreds of 3M employees in intercultural competence.  He did this in partnership with The Winters Group.

Michael obtained his BS in business from Syracuse University and an MBA from the University of Rochester in Rochester N.Y.  Although, he spent many years as a successful sales and marketing professional, he moved into the D&I field because of his passion for studying and teaching cultural competence.  He is currently writing a book on empathy and empathic listening.   Michael is also a Qualified Administrator of the IDI® (Intercultural Development Inventory®).  As an experienced cultural competence strategist and teacher, he has developed many training tools and exercises that help workshop participants understand and become comfortable with cultural competence concepts.