Thought Leaders in Organizational Change & Human Development

We help clients unlock the unlimited human potential that inherently exists within every individual. We live in a world where technology, demography and globalization are changing at such a rapid rate, successful organizations must anticipate and respond with great agility to myriad issues. When it is all said and done, only those entities able to attract and retain the best minds will survive and thrive in the long term.

For three decades, The Winters Group has helped organizations, large and small assess organizational climate, build and implement innovative strategies, design educational interventions, coach and motivate leaders and individual contributors.


Our Vision:

A world that values, respects and leverages our similarities and differences.

Our Mission:

To create transformative and sustainable solutions for individuals and organizations in support of their efforts to create more equitable and  inclusive environments.

The Winters Group Beliefs and Operating Philosophy

  • All individuals have the innate capacity to achieve any goal once their power is unleashed
  • Personal transformation is the leveraging point for organizational change

  • By reconnecting individuals to their capability to create an organizational culture that naturally enables everyone to reach their full potential
  • We apply innovative systems approaches to leveraging human potential to achieve breakthrough business results

  • Diversity management, culture change, empowerment, people based leadership cannot be done in a vacuum
    • Everything is interconnected
    • We believe in an open systems model
    • We employ a holistic approach
  • Much untapped potential exists within individuals and organizations to achieve breakthrough, sustainable results
    • We believe in a shared responsibility model
  • The Winters Group will not change the organization, the people in the organization will effect change
  • Organizational change occurs only when there is a simultaneous and synergistic top down/bottom up approach
  • Assessment is critical before planning and action
    • "Assess thoroughly but expeditiously"
    • A sense of urgency is required
  • A developmental coaching model is used
    • Not punitive or judgmental
  • It's ok (expected) to make mistakes
  • It's ok (expected) to have fun
  • It's ok (expected) to be passionate
  • With any significant change there is an "emotional price"
    • Change occurs when the pain of status quo is greater than that of change
    • It's ok (expected) to feel the pain
  • Success will be measured both qualitatively and quantitatively
    • Our individual stories/narratives are the most powerful evidence of progress
  • A collaborative, partnership model is key to our success

Mary-Frances Winters has been a thought partner with me over many years. She brings deep insights and perspectives that have made a significant difference for positioning diversity and inclusion at Sodexo.

Dr. Rohini Anand, Senior Vice President and Global Chief Diversity Officer, Sodexo

I came into the training very skeptical because I have attended many diversity training sessions during my career. I can categorically say that The Winters Group approach is different and I left the training totally transformed and committed to doing the homework in between sessions. I have never learned so much in 4 hours.

Executive, 3M